HAIR Seminar

Friday July 12 at 12:30 pm - 2:00 pm in the Seminar Room
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Hour 1: Curling 101!

IRON USE: for each hair length, type & style desired

SETTING PATTERNS FOR SPECIFIC STYLES: Wet vs. Dry & the benefits of each

THE ALL-IMPORTANT BRUSH OUT: tips and techniques

MASTERING YOUR FRINGE: rolls, swoops and bumper bangs

Hour 2: Art of the Updo!

FOR THE PINUP ON THE GO: 5 styles to achieve in 10 minutes or less

Including:  Dita Buna, Poodles, Pinup Pony, faux beehive, victory rolls


HAIR HACKS: like a clip in pony tails, wigs, extensions and hair donuts

Followed by Make-up & Hair questions and answers

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