Record Hop Dance Competition

Grab your partner and
just step onto the floor
and dance!
That is all you have to do to enter!
But to win... You have to DANCE YOUR HEART OUT!
  • The dance style will be "a free for all" 

  • By that we mean the DJ will keep changing it up and you just do your best with the dances you know!

  • The best will be chosen by how you adapt and still look good and please the crowd!

  • Initially, it will be a process of elimination by the judges with final decisions made by the using the clap-o-meter!

Andre caron - 

First introduced to Jive and the Rockabilly scene by Miss Wolff way back in 1997 in Montreal and I've been hooked ever since. Andre dabbled for years in a plethora of other dances (Ballroom, International, etc.) to expand his dance skills, but he went back to my his one true love .. JIVE! AT the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend, Andre has assisted with the dance classes and has served as a judge for the "Strictly Jive" competition. Andre will also be teaching the Viva East dance classes, so no matter if you're a seasoned dancer or a beginner, Andre is the man who will get you moving on the dance floor!





TBA (To Be Announced)

First Place: Trophy and TBA
Second Place: Trophy and TBA
Third Place: Trophy and Viva East 2018 T-Shirts

dance contest